My Travel in the New Boracay Island Philippines

Boracay is a well-known beach in the Philippines and one of the most traveled tourist spots but it isn’t only because of the pretty white sand that amazes the travelers but also the fun activities you can do in this paradise island.

Wouldn’t it be more fun when you know what lies ahead on your travel plan to boracay? Read more to find out!



Price: 900 PHP

Duration: 15 minutes

This is the only diving that does not require swimming or diving skill. You only need to put on a helmet and you can breathe normally.

But, it is also the most breathtaking experience seeing how great it is underwater that you get to experience seeing fishes passes by. Before, they allow fish feeding but when boracay closes and reopened, a lot of things has changed and caring for the wildlife is indeed part of it.

The guide does the picture taking and record videos which is the best part since you don’t need to do all the effort to capture that moment.

Just make sure you don’t have any health problems like any lung problems or even high-blood pressure. A screening regarding your health and safety briefing on board of the boat before submerging underwater is provided.

As you go on below the sea surface you will feel the pain in your ear in which most divers calls it Ear Squeeze, the pressure between middle ear and the outside environment.

There are ways in order for you to get rid of the uneasy feeling in your ear:

  • Yawn
  • Chew
  • Swallow

If the pain persist and you can’t handle it, signal your guide and ascend.

Sometimes the thing that really hinder us from doing these things is FEAR and when we do not conquer our fear, we will then REGRET those beautiful things that we missed.

At first, I was too afraid just by stepping in the water but when I tried to get out of my comfort zone, it made me realized that you will never see the beauty with it unless you try.

Being scared is normal but we just need to take a leap of faith and trust God. Everything will be perfectly safe.


  • You get to see the underwater wildlife and marine life
  • You conquer your fear
  • If you travel with your friends, you get to tighten your bond. The only place you can’t converse but you will feel the enjoyment being with them underwater.


  • Descending is the most difficult part
  • There were few corals that you will see.
  • The water is cold below the surface

The sea is mesmerizing, how much more below it? And the only way to find out is to jump in with both feet!


PRICE: 1900

DURATION: 15 mins

When I was a kid we always go and play outside with our kites on a windy day. I wondered how must it felt being the kite itself, flying with the birds and being lift so high above the ground.

And here we are, parasailing! Paragliding and sailing.

Though tragedy was unlikely, never did I imagined it to be the best feeling ever since there is only a small rope that will hold us and we are afraid it would snap.

We climbed at the back of the boat and the guide strapped us into a harness, it actually made me feel safer. We were then clipped into the parachute.

He then released the rope slowly and the wind carried us up. The feeling of being lifted actually does not feel scary. If you close your eyes, you were as if not moving and the wind blows on your skin. I was actually expecting it to be too intense; you will be blown away and you will have to hold on too much of your harness just because I thought it would be something terrifying but not at all.

Do you know what you will feel? It is by far the most relaxing activity ever! You get to see the whole station in the island and you get to see how small the world is afar. I am so mesmerized and it is the most wonderful feeling that I ever felt in my entire life!

A part of me was made whole as I am above the sea and that feeling is still within me. It can’t be bought, it can’t be stolen and it will always be the most cherished moments in my entire travel so far! The feeling was unfathomable that I don’t wanna end it.

When 15 minutes almost ended, the guide slowly pulled the rope and we goes down with it.


  • Instead of renting their Helicopter, you still get to see the whole station in less amount with parasailing.
  • If you parasail in 5:30 pm, you get to see the sunset.
  • You get to see the aerial view of the entire boracay island.


  • If you have fear of heights then I don’t recommend this at all.

If you wanted to see what I saw and feel what I felt, never forget to include this activity in your travel to boracay. I recommend it for those people who loves scenery and the cold winds.


Price: 800 PHP

Duration: 30 minutes

This is by far the most romantic way to watch sunset at the beach, if you are with someone special to you.

It doesn’t look like much to be enjoyed to but it was really stress-relieving sailing ever!

The ambiance was super nice and the breeze makes you feel like you wanna sleep and just be there forever.

RELAXING was most defined by Paraw Sailing and you shouldn’t forget to include this on your list when going to boracay.


Price: 1000 PHP

Duration: Whole Day

For a one whole day this activity was really very tiresome but most fun-filled activity ever! I kept saying ever because everything we did was really fun just that this package has a lot to offer; from cliff jumping, snorkeling, kayaking, discovering the Romblon’s cave and you can also travel by land if you wanted to visit Romblons nearby city.

Lunch was already included in this package. It actually took us a day to visit and explore this place but it was really hanging I don’t wanna get out of the water to be honest.

I was a bit scared of deep ocean, I don’t swim and I usually panicked most of the time but I usually disregard that feeling because I really wanted to be here and no one can stop me even having that feeling so I just usually tell myself “What wrong with you?, enjoy while you can!” and so I did and never did I noticed that feeling for the rest of the day.

Tips on handling your tension in all situations:

  • Practice breathing
  • Don’t always believe what’s on your mind
  • Appreciate the beauty below and above the surface and relax your mind
  • Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine and nicotine in your daily life.
  • Exercise
  • ENJOY!

Here are few tips to remember when going to Boracay:

  • Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone!
  • Explore everything!
  • You can always save money again but you will never go back in time.
  • Respect policy and respect culture.
  • Travel Alone or travel with groups. Learn from them or discover yourself.

Always remember:

Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.

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