How to Draw Nose in Adobe Photoshop [Digital Art]

Draw a Nose: Techniques and Ideas

The nose is the center part of our face, it’s rather small, big, long and short but it always add beauty in all our portrait drawings.

Some artists struggles to draw a nose but if you think about it more it’s easier than what you expected, you just have to learn the basic nose anatomy to create one.

Here’s an example from pinterest on how to draw a nose step by step.

sketching basics

More example from but this time it is a nose watercolor painting.


How to draw and paint a nose in Adobe Photoshop

STEP 1. Find the triangle and the 2 circles in your reference

I usually start my drawing by finding the triangle shape on the nose and then the two circles because it’s easier for me to do the rest once I find them.

In the image below you will get the idea on how I find these shapes in different angles.

label those nose shapes

STEP 2. Re draw those shapes in a new layer

So once you finally traced those shapes you can now redraw the shapes you find in your reference. I usually use red color to emphasize the shapes and for me to be able to use it as a guideline of my drawing.

See Example Below:

finding the shapes in the nose

STEP 3. Draw the nostril, the side of the nose and the bridge.

When you draw them, make sure to look at your reference of which part has most of the shadows and dark part. Use your guideline to draw these parts.

See Example Below:

step 3 in nose drawing

STEP 4. Add shading and highlights in your nose drawing.

See image below for the full steps in drawing a nose.

How top draw nose

Here’s a Video of step by step tutorials on drawing and painting the nose using Adobe Photoshop

Think about the shapes you’ve learn since, master making those and find those shapes in all of your drawings.

Hope you have learn something new from me!

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Lovelots! xoxo


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